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Escher Tiny House

We have come across some very cool tiny houses over the years, but until now nothing beats the Alpha Tiny House by New Frontier Tiny Homes. Where could they possibly go from there? Well, the answer is the Escher Tiny House, a model thatīs bigger, pricier, and maximizes luxury and living space. Based on a 33ft (10m) long triple-axle trailer, the multi functional home features a well thought maximization of space, and boasts several trend-forward details that set it apart from so many others on the market. Built using reclaimed barn wood, subway tiles and hardwood floors, the 300-square-foot residence is chock-full of amenities including a gourmet kitchen, a king-size master bed built on a platform that raises with its hydraulic shocks, revealing tons of storage space, a convertible office space with a bi-fold standing desk, a smaller loft-style childs bedroom, a bathroom with shower, sink, and composting toilet, plus a large walk-in closet. It also features a novel garage-like door and awning which raise upwards to open up the home to the outside, as well as sliding glass doors, and a nested dining set that pulls out from under the platform to accommodate up to 12 people.

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PODPAD | Image


Podpad is an original and inventive solution for small apartments. The wall-mounted desk and storage unit opens to reveal a work desk, plus several shelves and compartments to store documents and other work related items. It also comes with space for your charging station and a wireless speaker. via Also check out our popular roundup on Office Pods...
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BioLite FirePit | Image

BioLite FirePit

BioLite have presented a smokeless fire pit that cooks food and charges your phone! The BioLite FirePit is a portable grill station that doubles as a warming and hypnotic flame source. Gathering around a fire is great, but having to deal with the smoke is the real downside, thankfully BioLite engineers have gotten around this by incorporating some innovative design elements. The FirePit features a battery-operated air injection system that provides more oxygen direc...
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FLAPOT | Image


Winner of the RedDot design award, Flapot is a durable and foldable, stainless steel cooking pot developed for cooking on camping and trekking tours. The ultra slim, lightweight, portable Flapot is designed to be folded into a pot like folding a metal plate as origami. Made from 100% special stainless steel it can be easily put into a backpack improving the portability extremely. watch the video...
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